What is it?

A modular platform which, tailored to the latest digitalisation technologies, allows financial institutions a flexible, personalised implementation of new applications and content, and guarantees a solid back end.

Who is it intended for?

Financial institutions offering a retail service to their clients and who either have their own or third parties’ real-time integration, market information management or publication needs.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to its open architecture, it provides your organisation with innovation and digitalisation, guaranteeing the control and solidity of your back end.

  • Best front end solution or a combination of several, for each of the channels.
  • Cutting-edge, innovative solutions in design, usability, UX, applications, front end, etc.
  • Change front end at any time without changing the back end.
  • Provides only the exact information that each application requires.
  • Optimised information for each application. Resource and response optimisation.
  • Constant control of each application’s consumption and each user’s consumption per application.
  • Ability to offer applications and functionalities to clients based on their profiles.

What requirements does it cover?

Siffeed provides you with:

  • A solution that stands out in the market, and which can be personalised and tailored to the requirements of each end user.
  • Retention of existing clients to your institution, as well as attracting new.
  • Easy integration and congruence of information from different channels.
  • Full control in your institution’s hands, improving your position with regard to vendors and Stock markets.

Key functionalities

  • Alerts

  • Business Intelligence (control of application and data use)

  • Portfolio management

  • Internal and external (vendors and markets) reporting

  • Defined and profiled information and application designation according to the client profile

  • Graphics and charts

  • Commissions calculation and maintenance

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