• Our team

    Involvement, enthusiasm and good work

About us

MedySIF’s founders come from the capital market, company management and software development sectors. Nowadays our team is also made up by specialists in information sources, technical and functional project management and technical architects, among others. As a team we have specialized in the management of financial information sources. Many of us have been working together for over 15 years, some almost 20!

We like to offer innovative solutions to our clients, but above all, we like it when they tell us they don’t have to worry about us taking over, due to the confidence and quality services they receive. Our solutions allow our clients to increase their sales or cut operative costs, and our service, to focus on their core-business by delegating on our experts the management, support or maintenance of said solutions.

Our clients say they value both the strength and quality of the solutions we develop as well as the fact that our team can solve any incidences that may arise quickly and efficiently. What makes us proud and encourage us to keep on striving for excellence and giving the best of us in every step we make is the fact that our clients consider us their partner and trust us year after year.

Our mission

Optimising operational management for capital markets professionals, and information vendors.

Our vision

Improving capital market functionality, innovating, optimising intermediaries’ and investors’ processes, reducing costs and increasing profits.

Our values


The quality of service for which we are renowned is made possible thanks to the involvement and professionalism of our team.


Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company capable of going above and beyond the contracts and limited solutions offered by other vendors.


Excellence is our way of working, and through this we achieve the goals we set.


Honesty is the core value on which all our relationships are based.

Our clients choose us because:

We help them optimize their processes thanks to out specialization in market data management.

They obtain not only good solutions but also excellent services thanks to our team’s commitment, proactivity and empathy.

They will be able to offer innovative and value added services to their clients thanks to our personalized and innovative solutions.