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About MedySIF

We want to change the market data world: management, optimization and cost savings in the field of market data.

And through humanization and closeness in dealing with our clients, too.

If you were asked what is the most complicated part of your work in the field of market data, what would you say?

Or a combination of all, seasoned with a customer service that you feel it is distant and inefficient?

At MedySIF we want to make your job easier. Our values:


We know about the peculiarities of the market data business because we have been in it for over 20 years, and part of our team has been working together for more than 15.


We know your day-to-day problems in the area of market data because we work with your team as one of its members.


We adapt to what your financial institution, fintech or company in the banking sector may need: what does not exist, we customize and develop it for your entity (full-stack, front and back-end).

For us a good solution is not just good software, but good software combined with the best quality of service. We prefer that you read it from our customers:

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Countries in which we have carried out projects.
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clients of clients highlight our professionalism.
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Our History

François-Eric and Carmen founded MedySIF over 20 years ago with the objective of introducing the solutions for the financial sector in Spain that were working well internationally and that helped companies to optimize their market data, save on information source management costs and increase revenues.

These solutions did not exist in Spain, so we wanted to bring added value.

A few months later we realized that offering a good solution did not mean just providing good software to our clients, but that good software was also accompanied by the highest quality service.

That’s why we created our technical department, to control the whole process in our clients’ projects: installation, development of customized solutions, integrations, project management, local and nearby first line service, etc.

Today we are developing our own solutions and are the local service providers for our customers.

We are the company that offers the most solutions and services in the area of market data management in Spain and Latin America.

Our Mission

Optimizing operational management for capital markets professionals, and data vendors.

Our Vision

Improving capital market functionality, innovating, optimizing intermediaries’ and investors’ processes, reducing costs and increasing profits.

Since our foundation in 1999, the company has been growing, and so has our team.

Who is who at MedySIF?

Our team sorted by date of incorporation to the company.


CEO & Board Member
As CEO, she leads the entire team to develop their talents and finds solutions to make the lives of clients easier so they can focus on their core business.

If she is not at MedySIF, you will find her doing yoga at dawn on the beach, or swimming first thing in the morning to start the day with energy.


Non Executive Chairman of the Board
As Chairman, he facilitates a long-term vision for MedySIF and brings his (very extensive) experience in the financial sector.

If he is not at MedySIF, you will find him " climbing up to the challenges that arise....and skiing his way down".


She is in charge of the technical department and enjoys learning about technology and identifying - and correcting - the most complicated errors to find.

If she is not at MedySIF, you will find her dancing to country music.


IT Development Team Manager
He is responsible for landing customers' ideas, developing them technologically (overcoming all technical challenges) and bringing them to completion, always in a good mood!

If he is not at MedySIF, you will find him walking lost in the mountains or ... playing FIFA!


IT Project Manager
He is responsible for project management and analyzes and defines the best solutions for each client, as well as participating in their implementation.

If he is not at MedySIF, you will find him walking in the mountains or enjoying a sunrise or sunset from a nice landscape.


Data Management Quality
She is responsible for making life easier for customers by solving doubts, saving costs, and accompanying them in negotiations with partners.

If she is not at MedySIF, you will find her at the park playing with her daughters or reading a novel.


Head of Operations
Known as Nicky, she dedicates herself body and soul to customer service. In addition to "keeping customers happy," as she explains, she identifies growth opportunities for MedySIF.

If she is not at MedySIF, you will find her and her dog watching a series on Netflix or walking around the city.


Business Development
She is responsible for looking for potential clients, establishing relationships with them and presenting them with the best solutions. She also supports the Client Service team.

If she is not at MedySIF, you can find her enjoying a winter day at a snow-white mountain, snowboarding.

Fun facts about MedySIF


(and anniversaries). Whoever is having a birthday or those who celebrate anniversaries working at MedySIF brings pastries for breakfast.


Although it is hard to believe, at MedySIF we celebrate Christmas almost in spring. And it is already a tradition that we like to maintain.


When we welcome new members to the team, we introduce ourselves which includes saying whether or not we have a pet. For now, the "dog" team leads.

You have seen us at:

You can find us in:

Our offices in Spain


Edgar Neville, 6 28020 Madrid – Spain
(Map location)


Espronceda, 53 – 57 08005 Barcelona – Spain
(Map location)

Sant Cugat

Pl. de la Unió, 1 Edifici A 2a 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallés – Spain
(Map location)



IPMC Partners EPE
23, Vas. Sofias av 15344,
Athens – Greece
(Map location)


Elgin Capital
Sakayik Sokak No: 32/1 Nişantaşı 34387 Istanbul,
Mecidiyeköy – Türkiye
(Map location)


FMN Support Partner, SA
Luis José de Tejeda 4594
– ofifice 4 5009 Córdoba, Argentina
(Map location)