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Optimize the integration, management and publication of your market data and increase your customers' trading.

Market Data exploitation and Tools for
Investment Platforms

Managing and optimizing market data is not an easy task.

Optimizing market data sources is often a very broad and sometimes complicated concept to manage:

There is a lot to analyze, manage and rationalize; and market data touch on many different areas of the same entity.

In the case of stock market operations, the possibilities are endless, and with a much more visible return: we help you to increase income thanks to the management of your clients’ stock market operations.

Whether you are Head of Securities, Chief Technology Officer, Head of the Online Broker of your entity, or any other related position, Siffeed will make your day-to-day life easier

In addition, you will have negotiating power with respect to vendors that you did not have until now, thanks to the information and the ease of replacing applications and content. 




Optimize the integration, management and publication of your market data with SIFFEED

It optimizes market data integration and publication in real time and avoids duplication. In addition, it reduces technical costs when integrating market data into your systems.

Siffeed has APIs for both information integration and publication.

In addition, the platform belongs to your entity, so you can enter any type of information into the database.

Siffeed's advantages:

SIFFEED for Investment Platforms

Increase your customers' trading.

Increase the revenue of your financial entity thanks to the front-end functionalities of the investment platform (online brokers). Functionalities such as portfolio and alerts allow you to increase your entity’s income by speeding up and facilitating your clients’ stock market operations.

Siffeed provides easy integration of your entity’s systems (data feeds and core systems) with all front ends.

Advantages of the front-end:

How to find out if Siffeed is what you need

If your daily tasks include some of the ones described here, we can help you with Siffeed solution:

If you answered yes, contact us and find out how you can optimize your information and financial sources and solve your doubts . We would be happy to help you!

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Questions about our SIFFEED platform.

Siffeed allows you to turn what is currently a cost for your entity (the investment platform) into a way of optimization. (See the question “Can I cut costs with Siffeed?”)
In addition, it allows you to focus on what really brings value to your customers and their businesses, being able to develop with the latest technologies in their core business. Siffeed works as a headless platform that integrates and manages market data.

Siffeed allows you to innovate continuously with only 20% of the costs.

As the person responsible for business and customer loyalty and increasing operations, you know exactly what your customers need and what features and strategy to implement to stand out from the competition You know what you want to sell.

Having Siffeed allows you to implement these strategies in an easy way, taking advantage of the time-to-market and avoiding the delays of the technical department.

One of the advantages of Siffeed is that it can feed any application that uses market data.

Our clients feed the host, portfolio management applications, help desk screens, the intranet, etc.