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Optimize your entity's information on unlisted assets (shares or debt)

It solves the inefficiencies in market data management and documentation of private assets

Communication between the various parties involved in private assets markets is not always easy.

It is time to optimize the information flow according to your needs

PCS platforms

Private Capital Solution Platforms

Our range of PCS platforms provides seamless and automated communication between authorized users (depending on their authorization).

Win in security and peace of mind.

You will be able to:

Two of our platforms have been recognized by Finance Innovation, from Paris' financial center.

Start to optimize the flow of information with your stakeholders now.

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FAQs about market data solutions for private assets.

We have extensive knowledge of the problems of information on private assets (shares, participative securities, debt, bonds, etc.). Since 2010, we have been working to develop platforms for this type of assets. Two of our platforms we have developed recived the Finance Innovation quality stamp.

Each project is unique and its complexity can vary depending on the regulatory framework in which it is registered and the technologies used.

The first step is free of charge. We organize some first work meetings to define the framework of the project and the needs that we can help you to cover.

At first glance, this type of project seems to be the solution to energize the real economy by lowering the barriers to investment in most companies and facilitating the emergence of a certain degree of liquidity in highly illiquid assets. Experience shows that the vast majority of these projects fail because they do not take into account the reluctance of the operators in the sector to change, because they do not have strong support from the financial marketplace that must be digitized or because they do not have a business model sufficiently supported by a committed potential customer base. For all these reasons, our experience helps you to overcome some important barriers and allows you to gain time to market. time to market.