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Customized software developments for the financial sector

Improve the overall management of your business thanks to the development of customized platforms, whether back-end, front-end or full stack.

Get exactly what you need

Market Data optimization at all levels allows you to cut costs and even increase revenue by using different tools and services, such as the ones we offer you at MedySIF.

But what if your financial entity has very specific needs when it comes to platforms and functionalities and is looking for a full solution?

The solution is to develop an on-demand platform according to the specific requirements that you have in your financial institution, avoiding the use of pre-designed solutions that do not meet your requirements.

Advantages of using a custom development in the banking and fintech sector

What does a custom development include?

Custom developments are a solution for you if:

How to optimize other types of data with customized solutions?

If your entity works with data other than market data, we can also help you optimize it Our technological expertise allows us to develop (almost) any platform you can imagine, and our flexibility and adaptation to your needs will do the rest.

How to optimize other types of data?

Through APIs, we can optimize data structures to make their exploitation more profitable. by connecting internal applications with others using APIs that we develop for your company.

Who can benefit from the exploitation of other types of data?

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If your entity works with data other than market data, we can also help you optimize it

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It’s not just about cutting costs. Assess contracting processes.

Because of the knowledge we have in the development of both front, back and full stack solutions. And because of the flexibility of our services. We can make a punctual development in any leading technology, such as managing the whole project from the conceptualization of the solution to its complete delivery. We adapt to our clients’ needs.

Two of the platforms we developed, upon client request, received the Finance Innovation quality stamp.

Each project is unique and its complexity can vary depending on the regulatory framework in which it is registered and the technologies used. The first step is free of charge: we meet to define the framework of the project and the needs that we can help you cover.

Because ideas must be grounded, and various factors must be taken into account to carry them out. And that is a fundamental aspect of our collaborations. We do not limit ourselves to just what the clients require. We analyze the coherence of the idea from the technological point of view, the viability of the evolution of the platform, scalability and even, in some cases, from the business point of view.