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Market Data Specialists

Increase the operational margins of your financial entity by monitoring market data.

Reduce costs. Optimize processes. Increase revenue.

Market data solutions

What if you found a way to cut costs for the entity you work for and optimize market data processes and subscriptions?

Even better:what if achieving this cost saving was easier than you think and did not involve investing your time in it?

This is possible, thanks to market data optimization. At MedySIF, we walk with you through this process as a more member of your team.

At MedySIF we walk with you through this process as a member of your team.

Management of financial information sources

Reduce spend

What if a portion of the monthly costs at the financial institution you work for could be rationalized?

Professional market data management is not an expense: it is an investment

you get a return from the beginning and a transparency exercise that will help you reduce costs.

Find out which terminals or software licenses are underused, and how many monthly data subscriptions you do .


It's not just about cutting costs. Analyzing contracting and management processes allows you to discover if there are duplicate purchases or if there are inefficiencies: sometimes two or more vendors offer you the same data.

Market data management allows you to improve the management of the data you use

Sometimes two or more vendors offer you the same data. Optimize subscriptions and even your staff, in addition to the data used.

Increase revenue

The goal of any company is to increase profits: by reducing costs and multiplying revenue.

an information provider

Permissioning solutions allow you to get more out of your data. By creating data bundles you will be able to reach more people and offer everyone just what they need, thus optimizing your offer.

As a financial entity

Build customer loyalty by increasing their trading

How to save and cut costs in the management of your financial institution's market data with MedySIF

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Market Data Management

We become your partner and through a deep analysis we help you to optimize processes and costs.

Market Data Integration, Management and Publication

Learn more about SIFFEED, our platform for market data investment and integration.

Market Data Permissioning

Manage permissioning between data vendors and customers. Optimize your costs and time.

Data and Documentation Management of Private Assets

Solutions to improve communication between private asset issuers and their stakeholders.

Customized solutions for the finance sector

If you are looking for a customized solution, this is the right service for you. We develop on-demand IT solutions according to our clients’ needs.

Why choose MedySIF as your Financial Data Management provider?

3 main reasons why our clients choose us


In MedySIF we have been helping to manage and optimize the market data of different entities and companiesfor over 20 years.

It might be irrelevant for you, but these years of experience have enabled us to offer you solutions in a proactive way, because we know the possible problems even before they arise.

It’s our clients who say it, not us!

"MedySIF is a niche company, they work mainly with market data issues, on which they are focused and specialized"

IT Director of an important Spanish financial institution

"The friendly and close treatment of MedySIF’s team and their way of working makes us count on them as if they were part of our team"

Juan Antonio
Vendors & Market Data from a large Spanish financial institution

It’s our clients who say it, not us!


How many times have you dealt with a vendor without knowing who was going to take care of your request, having to explain your situation again?

You will not have to worry about this with MedySIF: our seal is to give you just your solution, nothing more and nothing less, because we know what you need.


You propose the idea and we carry it out. There is no development that limits us on a technical level, and we create it according to your needs.

We are dedicated to analyzing and optimizing the service packages and financial data that you have contracted and that your financial institution is underusing or contracting in duplicate. How can we not create totally customized solutions for you and your entire department?

It’s our clients who say it, not us!

" At MedySIF one of the things that stand out is the flexibility when faced with possible changes in scope and the ability to adapt, which they demonstrate"

MedySIF's client

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