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Do you have your market data management under control?

Keeping the balance between delivering good service and having budgets under control is always a challenge for any business. A financial institution is no different, and in your job it can be very complicated to identify points of improvement or to rationalize the costs of your department.

Market Data costs are usually among the most significant ones in financial entities, so even a small optimization has an impact.

Much bigger than you think.

Discover the benefits of optimizing Market Data and how it can help you in your day-to-day work, and your institution to reduce costs and optimize processes.

Benefits of optimizing market data

1. Transparency.

Achieve transparency both in new contracts and in data usage. It is important to:

2. Cost management and control.

Manage your market data costs and current contracts at a granular level in order to optimize processes to the fullest. The management and control of the market costs can be done through:

3. Usage control.

Optimize the costs of terminals and applications with 100% objective, data-based recommendations and a roadmap to follow. Usage control allows to:

You can have access to the advantages of market data optimization through customized training or consulting services adapted to your entity.

How to optimize your financial institution's market data with MedySIF?

MedySIF offers solutions that cover the main technology and innovation needs of financial entities in Financial Market Data Management.

Your starting point in market data optimization:


It offers a “picture” of the current situation in market data cost optimization, and also, a vision to improve the level of compliance for eventual audits.

Gain transparency in market data costs.


It allows you to cut costs and be compliant without the need for a large investment in cost inventory management software, with actual data and a very intuitive web interface.

Tools for market data cost management.

MDO Cost Inventory

Control market data costs with specific tools: invoice reconciliation, cost allocation, reporting, inventory control of contracted services.

Consulting, support and training in market data.

MDO Manage Service

You can have access to the advantages of market data optimization through customized training or consulting services adapted to your entity.

Terminal cost optimization consultancy


Cost optimization and rationalization (if it fits your entity) focused exclusively on terminal usage control.

Finding out if market data optimization is of interest to you

If you take care of any of the tasks described here, we can help you optimize the market data in your entity:

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Discover why MedySIF is the right solution to optimize your entity's market data


The most frequent questions about our market data optimizacion services.

A report with the general status of the market data management situation from its different aspects, as well as recommendations for all identified opportunities for improvement.

Depending on the team’s availability and the entity’s complexity, it can take one or two weeks.

As MedySIF’s services are tailor-made for each client, the price of the service will be defined once a first diagnosis has been made.

With MDT service the client gains transparency in market data costs, through reports and a dynamic dashboard that will facilitate management and decision making.

They make budgeting easier because they provide cost accuracy of market data services and automate budgeting. By being transparent about everything that is contracted and how much each user, area and department costs, the entity finds it easier to prepare more assertive budgets.

Transparency allows the client to know exactly which products they has contracted and facilitates the reporting to the stock exchanges since with a few clicks they will be able to obtain the necessary information to complete it and be compliant. Similarly, at the time of an audit, the information is centralized, providing security for both the client and the auditor.

Another advantage is that it is possible to know if you are really using the products you have contracted in the right way, depending on the contract with the vendor. The control of this type of information is not so easy for the entity and the control automation prevents the entity from suffering sanctions for the incorrect use of the data by vendors or data suppliers.

The service allows to record and track market data costs from the date the client needs it, providing a control of everything that was done for each user, product and existing service. The accuracy of the service will depend on the communication of the actions carried out by the entity for each invoice / product / user / department.

Our experience allows us to say that this service fits all types of entities, especially a small entity. In the projects led by us we identified that a small entity suffers from not always having a dedicated team to do the market data cost control management. However, it has to deal with the complexity that this control implies, taking into account the importance of these costs.

The service provides reports as listed below:

  • Monthly cost per area
  • Monthly cost per vendor (General)
  • Monthly cost per vendor and product
  • Report for filings to stock exchanges
  • Among others

Market data cost control has many peculiarities and complexities that a cost control system can provide. A tool dedicated to the inventor control of market data costs allows the entity to have easy access to all the information that is centralized, and can integrate this data with other interfaces of the entity by automating processes such as invoice reconciliation, budgeting, etc. Functionalities that make this management more efficient by offering constant and transparent control and promoting market data cost rationalization.

By obtaining transparency and accuracy on market data costs, the entity obtains clarity regarding all contracted and assigned products. This transparency allows to identify improvements (such as cost duplication) and the efficiency obtained in these activities promotes an eventual reduction of resources dedicated to these activities.

MDO is a service that allows financial entities to have a system to collect terminals data, have transparency about the actual use of Bloomberg terminals, and obtain clear conclusions based on objective data about the measures to optimize terminal costs up to 40%.