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FAQs about Market Data Optimization

MDO Status Overview

A report with the general status of the market data management situation from its different aspects, as well as recommendations for all identified opportunities for improvement.

Depending on the team’s availability and the entity’s complexity, it can take one or two weeks.

Those responsible for various Market Data activities. Each entity has a different management, however, those people who have decision-making power on issues of service contracting, managing user requests, reconciling invoices, are the ones who participate in the creation of strategies and management in the field of market data.

The estimated timeframe for the assessment and delivery of the report is one month, but it may vary depending on the availability of your team.

As your team prefers. They can be face-to-face or on-line.

As the service works as a thermometer of the entity’s current situation, it is not necessary to collect any specific information, however, you will be asked about issues related to, for example, market data contracts, strategies, procedures, among others.

As MedySIF’s services are tailor-made for each client, the price of the service will be defined once a first diagnosis has been made.

If, in addition to identifying the improvements, the entity is interested in us indicating the most efficient way to carry them out, according to our know-how, we can perfectly include this point in the service or conduct it when we obtain the first conclusions. Since our recommendations are always based on the specific situation of the entity and not on standard recommendations.

We consider that the entity must know what kind of improvements it wants to implement. Some entities will prefer to carry them out internally and others will prefer that we help them to be implemented instead. Por eso es un servicio que ofrecemos a medida de lo que nuestros clientes nos solicitan.

Market Data Transparency

With MDT service the client gains transparency in market data costs, through reports and a dynamic dashboard that will facilitate management and decision making.

The MDT service allows to reduce resources because the client will outsource the market data cost control to an expert team that will help them to rationalize costs obtaining:

  • More accurate control
  • Transparency regarding costs: who has what, costs per person, area, department, per vendor, per service, etc.
  • Improvement against audits avoiding possible fines or penalties
  • Anticipation of contract expiration, avoiding unnecessary renewals
  • Identification of duplicity and inefficiency in processes and contracted products

It increases transparency because it provides the entity with information at all times about its market data costs, knowing the costs on different levels such as users, suppliers, departments, etc.

To obtain this transparency, the client needs to provide at least the information on the market data invoices, the hierarchical structure with a minimum level of area/department and identification of the products that each area has contracted. Additional information may be requested depending on the needs of each entity.

They facilitate the elaboration of budgets because they provide accuracy regarding market data service costs as well as automation. By being transparent about everything that is contracted and how much each user, area and department costs, the entity finds it easier to prepare more assertive budgets.

Transparency allows the client to know exactly which products they has contracted and facilitates the reporting to the stock exchanges since with a few clicks they will be able to obtain the necessary information to complete it and be compliant. Similarly, at the time of an audit, the information is centralized, providing security for both the client and the auditor.

Another advantage is that it is possible to know if you are really using the products you have contracted in the right way, depending on the contract with the vendor. The control of this type of information is not so easy for the entity and the control automation prevents the entity from suffering sanctions for the incorrect use of the data by vendors or data suppliers.

The service allows to record and track market data costs from the date the client needs it, providing a control of everything that was done for each user, product and existing service. The accuracy of the service will depend on the communication of the actions carried out by the entity for each invoice / product / user / department.

As MedySIF’s services are tailor-made for each client, the cost of the service will be defined once an initial diagnosis has been made. However, it is important to note that it will be based on an initial set up followed by a monthly cost that will be calculated based on the number of market data invoices.

Our experience allows us to say that this service fits all types of entities, especially a small entity. In the projects led by us we identified that a small entity suffers from not always having a dedicated team to do the market data cost control management. However, it has to deal with the complexity that this control implies, taking into account the importance of these costs.

The service allows to rationalize costs of information sources and, above all, to identify optimization opportunities, such as cost duplication, process inefficiency. The reduction will depend on the specifics of each entity.

Each entity has a different management, however, generally those who participate in making and managing the market data strategies are those with decision-making power in matters of service contracting, managing of user requests and inovoice reconciliation. The need for investment of resources will depend on the peculiarities of each entity.

The service provides reports as listed below:

  • Monthly cost per area
  • Monthly cost per vendor (General)
  • Monthly cost per vendor and product
  • Report for filings to stock exchanges
  • Among others.

MDO Cost Inventory

MDO Cost Inventory is an inventory management service that provides the entity an updated and complete control of the inventory, its costs at a granular level through the implementation of a market data cost control system. The combination between the tool provided by
MedySIF’s market data management guarantees the quality in the configuration of all information related to costs of market data that will be uploaded to the

Market data cost control has many peculiarities and complexities that a cost control system can provide. A tool dedicated to the inventor control of market data costs allows the entity to have easy access to all the information that is centralized, and can integrate this data with other interfaces of the entity by automating processes such as invoice reconciliation, budgeting, etc. Functionalities that make this management more efficient by offering constant and transparent control and promoting market data cost rationalization.

As MedySIF services are tailor-made for each client, the cost of the service will depend on the specifics of each entity. However, it is important to bear in mind that the cost will be based on an initial set up, a software license and a regular fee to be defined according to the service contracted. The cost of the license will also depend on the optional items that are contracted to handle specifics of the process such as integrations with ERP systems, massive load of information, human resources management among others.

The entity will need to:

  • Hire a license for the cost inventory control system.
  • Provide the necessary information, correctly updated, for the proper configuration and powering of the cost inventory control system:
    • Contracts with market data providers – “vendors”- and the scope of these contracts.
    • Bills from these vendors.
    • Entity’s organizational structure.
    • Among others that will be defined according to the specific client project.

By obtaining transparency and accuracy on market data costs, the entity obtains clarity regarding all contracted and assigned products. This transparency allows to identify improvements (such as cost duplication) and the efficiency obtained in these activities promotes an eventual reduction of resources dedicated to these activities.

They facilitate the elaboration of budgets because they provide accuracy regarding market data service costs as well as automation. By providing transparency of everything it has contracted and how much each user, area and department costs, it is easier for the entity to prepare more assertive budgets.

The system promotes a more efficient management, and allows the entity to have knowledge about what each user is assigned. It also allows the identification of contracted and unassigned products, or users with duplicated products, in addition to knowing exactly the costs and quantities of the services. Similarly, at the time of an audit, the information is centralized, providing security for both the client and the auditor.

The service allows you to record changes related to assignments made in the past or planned for the future, providing control of everything that was done for each user, product and existing service.

The following are examples of reports that can be obtained from the tool:

  • Cost per area
  • Number of allocations per user
  • Detailed cost/user/month
  • Monthly cost per vendor and product
  • Cost per product and type of product
  • Report for declarations to the stock exchanges: Product and quantity. Example: Euronext level 2- quantity 20 users.

And any specific report type required by the entity.

MDO Usage

MDO is a service that allows financial entities to have a system to collect terminals data, have transparency about the actual use of Bloomberg terminals, and obtain clear conclusions based on objective data about the measures to optimize terminal costs up to 40%.

The entity needs a software to control terminal usage and provide the SID files so that MedySIF can analyze the information extracted and provide clear recommendations for optimization opportunitiesbased on the actual usage of each terminal.

It is a service for financial institutions that have terminal users, Bloomberg in most cases. This service is for you if your entity has a minimum of 50 terminals, although entities with less amount of terminals can be studied to determine their viability and profitability.

It is a service focused on optimization for Bloomberg terminals, however, a similar study can be done for Refinitiv terminals.

MDO allows to achieve transparency on the real usage of Bloomberg terminals (as long as the entity has a system to track terminal usage). With the results of the audit, measures can be taken to optimize costs in terminals up to 40%.

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Siffeed allows you to turn what is currently a cost for your entity (the investment platform) into a way of optimization. (See the question “Can I cut costs with Siffeed?”)

In addition, it allows you to focus on what really brings value to your customers and their businesses, being able to develop with the latest technologies in their core business. Siffeed works as a headless platform that integrates and manages market data. Siffeed allows you to innovate continuously with only 20% of the costs.

Siffeed integrates all types of data related to financial markets: quotes, news, corporate events, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, among others.

Siffeed allows the integration of any market data vendor. If a vendor is not currently in production, it could be available in less than a month.

No, Siffeed integrates the data that the client has contracted.

Siffeed has a user-friendly web interface that allows the user to consult the information, apply configurations, make the settings without the intervention of the technical team, in an autonomous manner. From the web application the user will be able to:

  • Set up data access (Permissioning):
    • Set up who can receive which type of data and from which vendor
    • Define which applications receive information
    • Set up the quality of information distributed to each application: real time, deferred time, end-of-day
    • Which assets you want to give access to each application or channel.
    • Define the granularity of the historical data (every minute, every 5′, every 10′, daily…) and for how long I want to save each records
    • Define the data to be published
  • Access:
    • Securities information
    • News
    • Alerts
  • Monitor system status
    • Check the status of all markets
    • Alerts triggered during the session
    • Alerts notified during the session
  • Reports on usage control, which are used both for in-depth knowledge of the client’s operations and for reporting to the stock exchanges

Siffeed is a platform for the integration, management and publication of market information. With Siffeed as a back-end platform you can have any front-end, as innovative as your entity wants.

With Siffeed you can have Widgets to integrate into your front-end, or Siffeed will send requests with exact answers to what needs to be shown to customers, thus optimizing data consumption.

As the person responsible for business and customer loyalty and increasing operations, you know exactly what your customers need and what features and strategy to implement to stand out from the competition You know what you want to sell.

Having Siffeed allows you to implement these strategies in an easy way, taking advantage of the time-to-market and avoiding the delays of the technical department.

Siffeed is modular, so depending on your needs, you can set up one or more modules.

The price of Siffeed is calculated based on:

  • Number of gateways needed to integrate the different vendors.
  • Modules of interest.
  • The type of license: for one entity or for a group of entities.

There is no price per user since we want your customers to grow and we don’t want this to affect you financially.

One of the advantages of Siffeed is that it can feed any application that uses market data.

Our clients feed the host, portfolio management applications, help desk screens, the intranet, etc.

Yes, Siffeed allows you to cut costs for a variety of reasons.

From a technical point of view:

  • It allows you to be independent of vendors, which makes it very easy to change your reference provider, thus reducing market data costs.
  • It eliminates the costs of the entity for maintaining the format changes of the flows.
  • The number of incidents and their resolution time are reduced.
  • The time needed to identify the source of the incident is reduced

From a business point of view:

  • Allows to reduce stock exchange fees
  • Allows you to renegotiate conditions with data vendors
  • Reduces dependence on the technical department for data management
  • Allows you to reduce data costs by knowing exactly how the data is used

Siffeed’s infrastructure can be set up wherever our client wishes.

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FAQs about Market Data Permissioning

It is a platform that allows the management of the whole cycle of data permissioning: the creation of the packages to be marketed (with as much granularity as desired); the establishment of criteria to define the different prices; the integration of the order forms; the activation of the information according to the signed contracts; the reporting for invoicing; the reporting for the declarations to the exchanges, etc.

An automation of the whole entitlement process, facilitating the process ofnew entitlements for customers, ensuring compliance with signed contracts and ease in the preparation of billing reports.

All managed from a web platform.

In the case of vendors:

  • List of clients
  • List of products
  • List of services
  • Prices
  • Market Data Users

In the case of the Stock Exchanges:

  • List of clients
  • List of products
  • List of services
  • Prices
  • Market Data Users

Yes. In fact, MDP has a graphic interface that makes management very simple so that is does not have to be done at a technical level, but can be managed by both the company’s sales staff and the market data users of the client entities.

Any type of financial information: quotation flows, data flows, funds flows…

The price of MDP depends on the different types of information that you want to permission.

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FAQs about Market Data Reporting

The product facilitates the reporting to stock exchanges, allowing to spare a lot of time to the person responsible for preparing such reports. The solution consists of a platform that integrates and unifies the usage declaration or permissions of the different applications of the entity (each report has the format of the application), to allow sending to the exchange a single report in the format that the exchange requires.

Your financial institution benefits:

  • Saving time by automating the preparation of the report, which is usually done manually.
  • Because the application can remember the changes made the previous month and the manager only has to confirm them, or
  • Because all the information reported to the stock market is centralized, or
  • Because it has unlimited and centralized history search.

You need to provide information regarding the existing fields in the reports required by

the stock exchanges or ideally send us either:

  • Sample reports required by the stock markets extracting information, or
  • Reports or API’s offered by the data usage apps.

The price of MDR depends on the data to be integrated and the amount of reports to be submitted to the Stock Exchanges.

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FAQs about Private Assets Data Management

We have extensive knowledge of the problems of information on private assets (shares, participative securities, debt, bonds, etc.). Since 2010, we have been working to develop platforms for this type of assets. Two of our platforms we have developed recived the Finance Innovation quality stamp.

Each project is unique and its complexity can vary depending on the regulatory framework in which it is registered and of the technologies used. The first step is free of charge. We organize some first work meetings to define the framework of the project and the needs that we can help you to cover.

At first glance, this type of project seems to be the solution to energize the real economy by lowering the barriers to investment in most companies and facilitating the emergence of a certain degree of liquidity in highly illiquid assets.

Experience shows that the vast majority of these projects fail because they do not take into account the reluctance of the operators in the sector to change, because they do not have strong support from the financial marketplace that must be digitized or because they do not have a business model sufficiently supported by a committed potential customer base. For all these reasons, our experience helps you to overcome some important barriers and allows you to gain time to market. time to market.

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FAQs about Customized Developments

Because of the knowledge we have in the development of both front, back and full stack solutions. And because of the flexibility of our services. We can make a punctual development in any leading technology, such as managing the whole project from the conceptualization of the solution to its complete delivery. We adapt to our clients’ needs.

Two of the platforms we developed, upon client request, received the Finance Innovation quality stamp.

Each project is unique and its complexity can vary depending on the regulatory framework in which it is registered and the technologies used. The first step is free of charge: we meet to define the framework of the project and the needs that we can help you cover.

Because ideas must be grounded, and various factors must be taken into account to carry them out. And that is a fundamental aspect of our collaborations. We do not limit ourselves to just what the clients require. We analyze the coherence of the idea from the technological point of view, the viability of the evolution of the platform, scalability and even, in some cases, from the business point of view.

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