What it is?

The role of the accounting companies is to manage a lot of corporate information and ensure that everything is updated, validated, and properly stored. With our solution, you can centralize all relevant customer data, maintaining an automated and secure historical record of all data. And all this can be done using their own servers.

Who is it intended for?

Our tool is intended for auditing companies.

What are the benefits?

It will allow you to have easy access and control of the information of the client companies.

What requirements does it cover?

Private Accounting Firms provides you:

  • A solution to access the information of client companies.
  • A reliable source of information to be able to make necessary reports and reports.

Key functionalities

  • Differentiate yourself from competition with a low cost tool, helping you significantly increase revenue

  • Opportunity to monetize additional services

  • Save time and costs in managing customer information

  • Be seen as an innovator offering existing and potential clients a digital solution for managing the relationship with shareholders and investors, complementing traditional auditing services and management

  • Integrate the look and feel with that of the website of the auditor’s tool

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