Venture Capital FundsVenture Capital Funds are increasingly experiencing difficulty in obtaining corporate information when needed. This is due to decentralized information causing a lot of work in completing reports. In addition to this, Venture Capital Funds struggle to manage their relations with investors and Limited Partners.

In this light, Private Investments Network presents a solution:

The Private Investments Network platform facilitates the use of a tool for managing corporate information by allowing venture capital funds to:

  • Automate information uploaded by companies
  • Follow the evolution of the invested companies and have information displayed and available in a simple, practical and centralized dashboard
  • Save time and management costs and increase productivity
  • Facilitate Smart Capital and Mentoring processes
  • Automate reports to Limited Partners, allowing fast and efficient reports through the corporate website
  • Have invested companies at the forefront of best practices with regards to transparency with investors (made to facilitate the exit)
  • Have easy and automated investor relations with a secure channel through the corporate website

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