Family Offices and Business Angels are increasingly struggling to have efficient portfolio management and portfolio reporting. This limits their capacity to analyze their own portfolio and causes them to lose valuable time and money. In addition to this, Family Offices and Business Angels experience difficulties controlling meetings and tasks in order to provide smart capital.

In this light, Private Investments Network presents a solution:

The Private Investments Network platform facilitates the use of a tool for managing portfolio information and to continue to add value to the portfolio by allowing family offices and business angels to:

  • Facilitate the process of uploading company information
  • Same time and management costs, increasing productivity
  • Automatically receive investee companies’ information, as well as key performance indicators that are organized and automated
  • Promote Mentoring and Smart Capital processes
  • Monitor an updated evolution (with access to historical records) of the companies that currently are, and previously were, in the portfolio
  • Identify the value of unlisted shares

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