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A modular platform which, tailored to the latest digitalisation technologies, allows financial institutions a flexible, personalised implementation of new applications and content, and guarantees a solid back end.

Market Data Reporting

A flexible and customisable tool for managing information source access, as well as for reporting to markets and vendors.


With the MIFID2 regulatory regime beginning on 3 January 2018, EU-based financial firms will not only face a new era of heightened record-keeping involving many more records than was previously required, but also the negative effects of new oversight, monitoring, e-discovery and forensics processes for the firm’s clients and regulators. MIFID2 recordkeeping will not just be about expanded content archival – it will deal with its implementation in a way that will help firms best execute processes in a strategic and efficient manner.

Axon Declaration Service

Axon Declaration Service (ADS) is an outsourced solution for the exchange and vendor reporting process.


A tool which allows the objective monitoring and analysis of the actual use users make of their information sources, including Bloomberg y Thomson Reuters Eikon among others.

Easy Trade Platform

An advanced and versatile trading platform which adds multi-asset and multi-market, or broker orders providing access to market information and its distribution. Its advanced order, and risk management make it a complete front to back solution.


A platform for complete inventory and cost management which, via an extremely user-friendly interface, offers robust contract management functionality with alerts and a powerful reporting engine which guarantees complete control of Market Data Management.



Axon Financial Systems Market Data PEAR Service is an online repository of exchange market data policies, agreements and pricing. With an intuitive design, PEAR has a home page for each Exchange via which dedicated sections for Products, Policies and copies of Documents can be accessed.

Private Investments Network

It is clear that any digital transformation strategy without investment in new technologies is doomed to failure. Private Investments Network is an innovative platform which allows access to, and the management and publication of all relevant information on unlisted companies.

Regulatory Metrics

Powerful in-memory multiprocessor solution designed to ensure compliance with any type of regulation and correct reporting to supervisors and regulatory bodies, under the standards of data quality and data governance.

Janus Risk Manager

Janus Risk Manager (JRM) is a powerful multi-asset, multi-market and multi-currency position management system with alert capabilities which is designed to implement operational risk controls in real-time. Nowadays, the challenges in managing risk have changed from daily ex post control to a real-time, ex ante control and JRM can standardise operations carried out on any trading platform to offer a comprehensive real-time view of an institution’s risk.

Janus Trade Surveillance

Faced with a growing increase in regulatory measures to detect and prevent market abuse and manipulation, Janus Trade Surveillance (JTS) is a platform/solution which ensures their correct management. By receiving the entire flow of orders, execution and market information, and thanks to a wide range of predefined parameters for your institution, it can generate and trigger alerts and other timely actions.

Janus Margin Engine

Janus Margin Engine (JME) is a sophisticated calculation tool which evaluates initial guarantees and their variations, with complete real-time coverage of the derivatives markets. Its advanced technology can calculate and simulate in milliseconds the impact of trading activity of the most complex portfolios.