• Process optimisation

    Gain control and reduce costs

The cost of adaptation and controlling the new information systems correctly, along with constant changes in vendor and market policies represent a tedious job and an increasing use of resources in financial institutions, especially for those responsible for systems and market data.

As referenced in Market Data Management, we have the experience and an increased range of options for your company to make the most of its resources and to optimise the processes within the realm of information that exists within your business.


A platform for complete inventory and cost management which, via an extremely user-friendly interface, offers robust contract management functionality with alerts and a powerful reporting engine which guarantees complete control of Market Data Management.


A modular platform which, tailored to the latest digitalisation technologies, allows financial institutions a flexible, personalised implementation of new applications and content, and guarantees a solid back end.

Market Data Reporting

A flexible and customisable tool for managing information source access, as well as for reporting to markets and vendors.

MDO Outsourcing

Delegate all the activity related to your company’s management of information sources to the best Market Data Management professionals.

MDO Usage

Our MDM experts produce objective and transparent reports intended for management with real information about the use of financial information terminals, clear recommendations about cost reduction, simulations and stock market statements, etc.

MDO Cost Inventory

Management support and inventory maintenance thanks to which their institution can optimise the resources they devote to these activities. They also obtain full and updated control of their inventory and achieve their desired levels of costs at the granular level and the ability to report to markets and vendors alike.

Janus Risk Manager

Janus Risk Manager (JRM) is a powerful multi-asset, multi-market and multi-currency position management system with alert capabilities which is designed to implement operational risk controls in real-time. Nowadays, the challenges in managing risk have changed from daily ex post control to a real-time, ex ante control and JRM can standardise operations carried out on any trading platform to offer a comprehensive real-time view of an institution’s risk.

Janus Margin Engine

Janus Margin Engine (JME) is a sophisticated calculation tool which evaluates initial guarantees and their variations, with complete real-time coverage of the derivatives markets. Its advanced technology can calculate and simulate in milliseconds the impact of trading activity of the most complex portfolios.

Tailor-made developments

Today it is essential that any application is completely adaptable to a company’s way of working. Traditional financial institutions rely upon systems and methodologies which require careful management at the time they are being modified or consulted.