What is it?

MDO Cost Inventory is an inventory management and maintenance system with which your company can optimise the resources allocated to these activities, obtain full and updated control of their inventory and achieve their desired levels of costs at the granular level and the ability to report to markets and vendors alike.

Who is it intended for?

MDO Cost Inventory is a consultancy service which belongs to the MDO (Market Data Optimisation) family of services, and is intended for those responsible for purchasing and/or systems, efficiency or cost control, trading and/or trading room managers, CFOs or CEOs, in:

  • Large and medium-sized financial institutions
  • Energy companies
  • Banks
  • Savings banks
  • Brokering companies and stockbrokers, and the stock market.
  • Fund management companies
  • Large consultancies specialised in auditing and advisory services

What are the benefits?

  • Compliance with auditors
  • Quality and credibility for vendors and markets
  • Control and anticipation of contract expiration
  • Centralised and updated information

What requirements does it cover?

MDO Cost Inventory was designed to streamline and optimise the resources and processes your institution dedicates to inventory management and maintenance. You can count on the best MDM industry experts who coordinate, provide support and make the necessary recommendations to streamline these activities within your organisation as well as optimising your processes.

Key functionalities

  • Correct information from, and maintenance of your databases

  • Local support for the use of the INFOmatch application

  • Analysis of internal procedures and recommendations for optimisation

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