• Client retention and capture

    The key to growth

The financial sector highlights the great challenges for banking institutions and indicates the necessary steps for them in order to make the transition to the digital environment. Increasing competition and the emergence of FinTech companies have forced banks retain the loyalty of their existing clients and attract new ones via investment in new channels such as Online Brokers and mobile banking

We provide financial institutions with an advanced and innovative platform which guarantees rapid evolution and adaptation to the latest technologies and content with a robust integration with their back-office systems. Also, what differentiates our services, with new and value-added systems – such as the calculation of derivative guarantees, or the self-service instruments in which clients decide to invest – plays a decisive role.

With technology and a methodology based on Big Data and Business Intelligence, we offer the necessary tools to analyse and advise upon our clients’ behavioural patterns, based upon their financial institution’s strategy.


A modular platform which, tailored to the latest digitalisation technologies, allows financial institutions a flexible, personalised implementation of new applications and content, and guarantees a solid back end.

Janus Margin Engine

Janus Margin Engine (JME) is a sophisticated calculation tool which evaluates initial guarantees and their variations, with complete real-time coverage of the derivatives markets. Its advanced technology can calculate and simulate in milliseconds the impact of trading activity of the most complex portfolios.