Ensure correct process compliance

The heavy penalties for failing to comply with vendors’ and markets’ increasingly complex contractual policies, together with the associated and difficult process management within Market Data Management, are all important considerations to be taken into account by financial institutions.

You can depend on us for the most innovative tools to guarantee the correct compliance with these processes:


A modular platform which, tailored to the latest digitalisation technologies, allows financial institutions a flexible, personalised implementation of new applications and content, and guarantees a solid back end.

Market Data Reporting

A flexible and customisable tool for managing information source access, as well as for reporting to markets and vendors.

MDO Usage

Our MDM experts produce objective and transparent reports intended for management with real information about the use of financial information terminals, clear recommendations about cost reduction, simulations and stock market statements, etc.

MDO Cost Inventory

Management support and inventory maintenance thanks to which their institution can optimise the resources they devote to these activities. They also obtain full and updated control of their inventory and achieve their desired levels of costs at the granular level and the ability to report to markets and vendors alike.

MDO Outsorcing

Delegate all the activity related to your company’s management of information sources to the best Market Data Management professionals.


With the MIFID2 regulatory regime beginning on 3 January 2018, EU-based financial firms will not only face a new era of heightened record-keeping involving many more records than was previously required, but also the negative effects of new oversight, monitoring, e-discovery and forensics processes for the firm’s clients and regulators. MIFID2 recordkeeping will not just be about expanded content archival – it will deal with its implementation in a way that will help firms best execute processes in a strategic and efficient manner.

In addition, MedySIF offers a powerful alternative in the context of detecting abuse and manipulation of market, regulated under the Market Abuse Directive II by the European Commission to support banks and brokers, and enable them to meet the current and future new measures planned in this particular area:

Janus Trade Surveillance

Faced with a growing increase in regulatory measures to detect and prevent market abuse and manipulation, Janus Trade Surveillance (JTS) is a platform/solution which ensures their correct management. By receiving the entire flow of orders, execution and market information, and thanks to a wide range of predefined parameters for your institution, it can generate and trigger alerts and other timely actions.