What is it?

Unlisted family businesses need to manage the relationship with their various shareholders and stakeholders, both internal and external. A formal channel of communication between them is essential for family business management and corporate governance of family businesses. In this regard, we offer a personalized and adaptable solution to the needs to each family business.

Who is it intended for?

Our tool is intended for family businesses that want to have a space for the shareholder where they can present the relevant information of the company to the family.

What are the benefits?

It will allow you to have full control of the information of the family business. In addition, it will have a private and exclusive space for shareholders.

What requirements does it cover?

Private Family Business provides you:

  • A solution to manage the information of the family business.
  • A private space for the family where they can have the information easily accessible.

Key functionalities

  • Access a platform that centralizes and standardizes all corporate information such as family agreements, family values, family history and structure, meetings, and more.

  • Automate and facilitate the communications between the company and the members of the family.

  • Integrate the platform in the company website with its look and feel.

  • Offer more transparency, such that all shareholders are informed at the same time.

  • Offer more transparency, such that all shareholders are informed at the same time.

  • Reduce the costs of management and administration.

  • The ability to store data on company servers, ensuring privacy.

  • If a family is involved in several companies, each of the partners can follow all of their investees centrally and uniformly.

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