What is it?

Platform for communication between unlisted companies and investors following the best market practices on a European level.

The platform provides many features that facilitate and enhance the relationship between unlisted companies, intermediaries and investors.

Who is it intended for?

Investment funds.

What are the benefits?

It will allow you to have full control of the information of the companies in which participates. In addition, you can make a customized report for the investors of the fund.

What requirements does it cover?

Private Equity Funds Management provides you:

  • A solution to manage the information of unlisted companies.
  • A reliable source of information to be able to make reports and reports for fund investors.

Key functionalities

  • Do you want to enhance the relationship with investors, keeping them well informed and centralizing corporate information?

  • Would you like to promote Smart Capital?

  • Do you want to have visibility and seek for investors in a secure and private way?

  • Are you an investor in unlisted companies and want to have the information of your investee centralized and automated?

  • Would you like to facilitate divestment and find new investment opportunities?

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