Private Capital Pre IPO

Stocks exchanges are increasingly looking for solutions to ease the path to their market for companies. Our solution allows to structure a relation way before the IPO, helping companies apply best practices, manage their corporate governance & investors relations through stock exchange managed private markets.

Who is it intended for?

Our tool is intended for companies that want to prepare to enter the stock exchanges.

What are the benefits?

It will allow you to have a private environment that will prepare you for the relationship between the company and the investors.

What requirements does it cover?

Private Capital Pre IPO provides you:

  • A solution to manage the information of the company.
  • Have a private environment with easy access to the relationship with investors.

Key functionalities

  • Allows to manage corporate information of companies that will want to do an IPO

  • Enables stock exchanges to manage private markets to integrate them with the existing stock exchange systems

  • Facilitates the creation of links between businesses and the stock exchange long before the IPO

  • Creates bridges between two complementary parts of the investing community (publicly listed and private equity)

  • Allows to galvanize the private companies investing ecosystem and to drive the companies to the stock exchange

  • Structures the relations with the different non-financial advisors surrounding the private companies in a stock exchange centric manner

What it is?

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