• Private Capital Financial Data solutions

    We offer solutions that cover the main needs of technology and innovation of financial institutions in Private Capital Financial Data

Private Equity Funds Management

Platform for communication between unlisted companies and investors following the best market practices on a European level.

The platform provides many features that facilitate and enhance the relationship between unlisted companies, intermediaries and investors.

Private Family Business

Unlisted family businesses need to manage the relationship with their various shareholders and stakeholders, both internal and external. A formal channel of communication between them is essential for family business management and corporate governance of family businesses. In this regard, we offer a personalized and adaptable solution to the needs to each family business.

Private Corporate Groups

Corporate groups that have a significant number of investee companies and subsidiaries need to control their investments and manage their portfolio. Our platform allows them to store investee companies’s corporate information in a structured way, automate corporates communication, centralize portfolio management processes and follow the value of their investments.

Private Legal Practices

Law firms are increasingly searching for tools to better manage corporate information of their clients, as their management is normally done in a decentralized and manual manner. Our solution offers specific and personalized services, functioning as a corporate governance system.

Private Accounting Firms

The role of the accounting companies is to manage a lot of corporate information and ensure that everything is updated, validated, and properly stored. With our solution, you can centralize all relevant customer data, maintaining an automated and secure historical record of all data. And all this can be done using their own servers.

Private Capital Pre IPO

Stocks exchanges are increasingly looking for solutions to ease the path to their market for companies. Our solution allows to structure a relation way before the IPO, helping companies apply best practices, manage their corporate governance & investors relations through stock exchange managed private markets.