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Optimize costs and time with better entitlement control and management.

How do I manage data permissioning?

We know that managing entitlements and accesses among data providers and customers can be complicated:

Manage and optimize market data reporting according to your needs:

Entitlement solutions for vendors

Permissioning management platform

The Market Data Permissioning platform allows you to manage your customers’ access to your data, optimizing costs and time by having a better control of the data offered. Moreover, you make sure to be compliant.

Advantages of our permissioning management platform:

Entitlement solutions for financial entities

Entitlement centralized reporting

A centralized permissioning reporting integrates and unifies the use and entitlements declarations of the different applications of the financial institution you work for, and unifies all data in a single repository that allows you to analyze the information in a centralized way in order to send it to the stock exchange.

This solution automates the process:

Advantages of an entitlement centralized reporting

How to know if market data entitlement management is your solution:

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more questions about your relation with data, managing market data entitlements with MedySIF will help you optimize costs and time.

What if the permissioning and access control we need are not market data-related?

As experts in data processing, we can help you with any other type of data: packaging it to optimize your sales, and thus giving access only to the data that the client needs. This allows you to reach more prospects and adapt the offer to the needs and budgets of each client, creating specific APIs for data access.

We can call or meet with you to show you how to further optimize market data entitlements.

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If your entity works with data other than market data, we can also help you optimize it

Discover why MedySIF is the right solution to optimize the market data of your entity


It’s not just about cutting costs. Assess contracting processes.

It is a platform that allows the management of the whole cycle of data permissioning: the creation of the packages to be marketed (with as much granularity as desired); the establishment of criteria to define the different prices; the integration of the order forms; the activation of the information according to the signed contracts; the reporting for invoicing; the reporting for the declarations to the exchanges, etc.

An automation of the whole entitlement process, facilitating the process ofnew entitlements for customers, ensuring compliance with signed contracts and ease in the preparation of billing reports.

All managed from a web platform.

Yes, MDP has a graphic interface so that the management is very simple and does not have to be done at a technical level, but can be granted by both the company’s sales staff and the market data users of the client entities.

The product facilitates the reporting to stock exchanges, allowing to spare a lot of time to the person responsible for preparing such reports. The solution consists of a platform that integrates and unifies the usage declaration or permissions of the different applications of the entity (each report has the format of the application), to allow sending to the exchange a single report in the format that the exchange requires.

Your financial institution benefits:

  • By saving time by automating the reporting

which is usually done manually, or

  • Because the application can remember the changes made the previous month and the manager only has to confirm them, or
  • Because all the information reported to the stock market is centralized, or
  • Because it has unlimited and centralized history search.

You need to provide information regarding the existing fields in the reports required by

the stock exchanges or ideally send us either:

  • Sample reports required by the stock markets extracting information, or
  • Reports or API’s offered by the data usage apps.