Arkivy is a SaaS archiving solution designed specifically for the record-keeping requirements of MiFID II. It is a Front to Back information system that manages all the operations of record-keeping.

    As a centralized compliance archive, Arkivy provides your organization compliant storage with the proper monitoring, oversight and information governance tools that will help ensure your compliance with MiFID II record-keeping.

    Regulatory Metrics

    Powerful in-memory multiprocessor solution designed to ensure compliance with any type of regulation and correct reporting to supervisors and regulatory bodies, under the standards of data quality and data governance.

    Regulatory Metrics is composed of advanced data quality and matching tools that can be used for numerous internal projects without programming knowledge or internal developments, processing all the entity data in real time.

    Its flexibility on applications and quick implementation make it complementary and easily integrable to the existing heavy Data Governance and Data Management systems. Regulatory Metrics allows to solve problems agilely without being limited to mere samples of data, but in its totality and in an unequaled time. All this without changing the existing solutions.

    Janus Risk Manager

    Janus Risk Manager (JRM) is a powerful multi-asset, multi-market and multi-currency position management system. It includes alert capabilities which are designed to implement operational trading risk controls, and which offers comprehensive view of an institution’s risk in real-time.

    Janus Trade Surveillance

    Janus Trade Surveillance is a platform which ensures the prevention and detection of market abuse and manipulation. By receiving the entire flow of orders, executions and market information, and thanks to a wide range of predefined parameters for your institution, it will generate and trigger alerts and other necessary actions.

    Janus Margin Engine

    Janus Margin Engine (JME) is a sophisticated calculation tool which evaluates initial margins and their variations, with complete real-time coverage of the derivatives markets.