• Real Time Risk Management

    Limiting risk exposure is key

Today’s challenges regarding risk management are shifting from ex post daily control to real-time control, even including ex ante. The current dynamic, global business environment creates great opportunities although, after the recent financial crisis, it also creates pressure for new regulations to be imposed.  This regulation requires the implementation of new internal review processes.

The position taken by clearing houses to limit exposure to credit risk is based on agreements about guarantees and collateral, market making and daily credit limits. It is also being supplemented by more proactive techniques which aim to cover the broad spectrum of risk exposure and its duration from high frequency/low impact to low frequency/high impact situations.

In this context, we are helping our clients with high-quality solutions and innovation, aimed at financial institutions’ overall, real-time risk control, with a multi-active, multi-market and multi-currency perspective:

Janus Risk Manager

Powerful multi-asset, multi-market and multi-currency position management system with alert capabilities which is designed to implement operational risk controls in real-time. Nowadays, the challenges in managing risk have changed from daily ex post control to a real-time, ex ante control and JRM can standardise operations carried out on any trading platform to offer a comprehensive real-time view of an institution’s risk.

Janus Margin Engine

Is a sophisticated calculation tool which evaluates initial guarantees and their variations, with complete real-time coverage of the derivatives markets. Its advanced technology can calculate and simulate in milliseconds the impact of trading activity of the most complex portfolios.