What is it?

Corporate groups that have a significant number of investee companies and subsidiaries need to control their investments and manage their portfolio.
Our platform allows them to store investee companies’s corporate information in a structured way, automate corporates communication, centralize portfolio management processes and follow the value of their investments.

Who is it intended for?

Our tool is intended for groups of companies that want to have their corporate information easily accessible for decision making.

What are the benefits?

It will allow you to have the corporate information of all the companies in a centralized and easily accessible way for making decisions.

What requirements does it cover?

Private Corporate Group provides you:

  • A solution to have the corporate information of your group of companies centralized.
  • A vision of simple information for decision making.

Key functionalities

  • Facilitate the upload of corporate information by investees

  • It allows a greater control of corporations in relation to their invested companies

  • It offers a simple, intuitive and complete tool to track the investment portfolio

  • Automates processes, saving time and costs

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