What is it?

Axon Financial Systems Market Data PEAR Service is an online repository of exchange market data policies, agreements and pricing. With an intuitive design, PEAR has a home page for each Exchange via which dedicated sections for Products, Policies and copies of Documents can be accessed.

Who is it intended for?

PEAR is intended for several profiles in large and medium-sized financial institutions, energy companies, hedge funds, among others:

  • Market Data Manager
  • Efficiency and Procurement Manager
  • Market Data Invoicing Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • General Manager (for small institutions)
  • Cost Control Manager
  • Manager in charge of cost control solutions for audits

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a reliable compliance and reporting process that helps mitigate risk against an exchange or vendor audit
  • Provides transparency against box applications feeding different types of systems e.g. algorithmic trading and risk management.
  • Ensures all savings opportunities relating to exchange policies such as unit of count and fee waivers

What requirements does it cover?

Policy Explanations

PEAR provides explanations for the key areas of policy including Non Display, Derived Data and Unit of Count.

Licencing Details

PEAR maps products to their associated licences in addition to grouping licence by type i.e. external redistribution, Non Display etc.

Vendor Codes

PEAR maps Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg codes to exchange products allowing searches to be conducted using these identifiers.

Key functionalities

  • Powerful search. The Advanced Search functionality allows users to pinpoint the single piece of information that they require or to compare policies and pricing from multiple exchanges within the same interface.

  • Coverage. PEAR currently includes the details of 50+ global Exchange Groups covering in excess of 120 markets.

  • Easy deployment. The PEAR service does not require any local installation and is accessible via a web browser.

  • Granular Structure. Allows Axon to map market data policies at the product level rather than the Exchange level, this in turn allows users to access targeted guidance to their queries efficiently.

  • History. Previous exchange market data agreements, policies, pricing and announcements are maintained within PEAR and are accessible via the online interface.

  • Standardisation. Standardised, searchable terms including Axons’ proprietary Standardised Terms for Unit of Count. Standardised searchable terms allow for easy comparison between exchanges and/or products in addition to providing quick reference guidance.

  • Hierarchy. PEAR includes product and licence hierarchy structures allowing users to quickly see which other products or licences are included within any given product or licence.

  • Announcements /change summaries. The PEAR homepage includes details of announcements by exchanges in addition to upcoming price changes and those which have been within the last 90 days.

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