What is it?

MDR (Market Data Reporting) is a platform which offers complete management of access permissions to market information to financial market information providers (vendors), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and end clients.

Who is it intended for?

Financial market information providers (vendors), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and financial institutions that are their clients.

What requirements does it cover?

Market Data Reporting provides you with:

  • A solution that stands out in the market which can be personalised and tailored to your requirements.
  • Complete control of accounts and permissions allocated via the system.
  • Reports in standard stock market format.
  • Simple administration management of contracted services thanks to internal billing and invoicing reports.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to its clear and intuitive web interface, it allows users to:

  • Create and maintain information about each account and its associated permissions.
  • Schedule the start and end dates of each permission in advance.
  • Establish reporting codes for the different products configured on the system.
  • Obtain permissions information reports from the system.
  • Obtain warehoused permissions reports, in standard stock market format, from the system.
  • Obtain internal billing and invoicing reports.
  • Repository for stock market contracts.
    • Provide your clients with a repository of all the contracts the stock market requires according to type, shortages, etc.
    • Save a copy of contracts signed by each of the stock markets.
    • Grant permissions to data segments included in the contracts.
    • Easily access documentation in case of an audit.
  • Control of user activity.
    • Every operation carried out is registered on the system and is easy to track.
    • The internal system creates pending alerts for users regarding pending actions and tasks.
    • It frees up your organisation’s resources by transferring account and permission management to your clients. Each client can activate and amend contracted products and services. Everything is automatically registered and approved on the basis of contracts saved on the system.

Key functionalities

  • Control of access permissions

  • Repository for stock market agreements

  • Flexible creation of reporting codes for stock market reports

  • Stock market reporting in standard format

  • Internal billing and invoicing reports

  • Profiling of tool users’ permissions

  • Exporting information to an Excel spreadsheet

  • Multi-product

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