What is it?

Janus Trade Surveillance is a platform which ensures the prevention and detection of market abuse and manipulation. By receiving the entire flow of orders, executions and market information, and thanks to a wide range of predefined parameters for your institution, it will generate and trigger alerts and other necessary actions.

Who is it intended for?

Platform for at Compliance professionals and CCOs of banks, brokers and large corporations.

What requirements does it cover?

A large number of new regulatory changes are still expected in relation to market surveillance and market manipulation detection. With Janus Trade Surveillance, your entity will be fully compliant with the ESMA Guidelines.

What are the benefits?

With Janus Trade Surveillance, your firm will be compliant with the MAD II, in relation to market surveillance and market manipulation detection, allowing you to:

  • Identify potential market manipulation situations
  • Creation of intraday analysis documents allowing the information control and management
  • Storage of historical data for the back in time analysis
  • Orders and executions automatic analysis
  • Management of reports required by the Regulator

Key functionalities

  • Deal & Info Capture

    Captures from broker’s front-office systems the orders and executions flows. Accounts, positions when available and other information such as the correlation among accounts are also imported from broker’s systems

  • Controls and Screenings

    “Building Blocks” are used to build Controls where thresholds are defined with respect to specific instruments, asset classes, customer types, accounts or account groups, etc.

  • Execution Engine and CEP

    The defined controls are executed by the Server at scheduled times or when requested by users. The result of executed controls is displayed within a specific window on the user’s workstation and if the system finds some suspect situation it becomes an alarm to be checked by the user. One of the main features of JTS is the implementation of specific algorithms to reduce as much as possible the generation of “false alarms”

  • Analysis Tools

    A set of tools have been integrated to provide support to the user in the analysis of alarms. Reports and data analysis tools allow the user to move within client’s data with different levels of aggregation. Daily and historical charting tools and the integration with price sensitive data providers are also available. Among other tools there is the Book Replay, a functionality that allows the user to choose a time frame and see all the changes in the market data occurred in that time frame on the specified financial instrument

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