What is it?

Janus Risk Manager (JRM) is a powerful multi-asset, multi-market and multi-currency position management system. It includes alert capabilities which are designed to implement operational trading risk controls, and which offers comprehensive view of an institution’s risk in real-time.

Who is it intended for?

Janus Risk Manager is platform for professionals working at:

  • Prime and Execution Brokers: who provide DMA and HFT access are looking for new real-time tools to monitor their clients’ positions and risk
  • Retail Banks: real-time pre-order validation of client order flow is vital when dealing with complex portfolios containing different asset classes on different markets, especially if derivatives are involved
  • Hedge Funds and High-Frequency Trading firms: need sophisticated real-time tools to manage their risk as the type of activity they perform can generate high risk exposure in few milliseconds
  • Exchanges: emerging markets exchanges require strong pre-order validation tools; exchanges offering sponsored access are seeking pre and post-order realtime risk management tools
  • Clearing Houses and GCMs: the demand for real-time risk monitoring is growing. End-of-day evaluations are not compatible any more with today’s risk management needs.

What are the benefits?

  • Implements consistent risk checks across multiple currencies, markets and assets
  • Connects to third party trading platforms and collects real-time orders and executions to build a consolidated view of client’s portfolios
  • Collection of executions from Clearing Houses JANUS™ Risk Manager can provide a global picture of risk exposures to Prime Brokers and General Clearing Members
  • Provides maximum risk control reducing the extra-latency added in order management

Key functionalities

  • Pre-order validation

    JANUS™ Risk Manager can check orders before they hit the order book and decide if an order can be accepted or not according to risk parameters and limits set in the system

  • Post-order monitoring

    JANUS™ Risk Manager is not in the path of the order to the market and does not add any latency. It receives drop copies of orders and executions and monitors positions, even potential, and risk variables defined in the system generating alarms when limits are exceeded

  • Post-trade monitoring

    JANUS™ Risk Manager receives drop copies of trades from Exchanges and/or Clearing Houses and monitors positions and risk variables. This is used by General Clearing Members and Prime Brokers to monitor their clients not trading directly with them

  • Pre-order and post-order dynamic switch

    The idea of this approach is to provide maximum risk control reducing the extra-latency added in order management as much as possible. This is the perfect approach to address the need of low-latency controls that the industry is facing today but still providing controls more sophisticated than the simple fat finger checks implemented at the Exchange level or by most order management systems

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