What is it?

Axon Declaration Service (ADS) is an outsourced solution for the exchange and vendor reporting process.

What requirements does it cover?

ADS automates the time consuming elements of preparing exchange and vendor declarations through the implementation of comprehensive, client specific rule sets. This systematic approach improves data accuracy by removing repetitive manual processes.

Who is it intended for?

ADS is intended for several profiles in large and medium-sized financial institutions, energy companies, hedge funds, among others:

  • Market Data Manager
  • Efficiency and Procurement Manager
  • Market Data Invoicing Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • General Manager (for small institutions)
  • Cost Control Manager
  • Manager in charge of cost control solutions for audits

What are the benefits?

  • ADS ensures compliant reporting in accordance with exchange policies.
  • Implementation and ongoing management of netting such as MISU and other natural user reporting programs.
  • Creation of direct exchange reporting relationships to aid in cost management.
  • Transparent service including provision of monthly management reports.
  • Identification and application of favourable exchange policies such as developer and support fee waivers including enforcement of specified caps.
  • Ongoing identification and monitoring of fluctuations in reportable quantities.
  • Reduction of administrative overhead associated with monthly and quarterly reporting obligations.
  • Monthly summary of all rules applied to the customer data provided for complete transparency and sign off.

Key functionalities

  • Ease of implementation. Flexible system can accept and normalise multiple sources of data.

  • Rules management. Ongoing management of exchange and client specific rules to produce accurate and compliant declarations whilst ensuring clients benefit from favourable exchange policies where applicable.

  • Reporting. Production and submission of reports in formats as specified by exchanges and vendors.

  • Powered By PEAR. ADS is integrated with our on-line exchange policy explanation database (PEAR) for verification on policies such as unit of count to ensure users are correctly categorised and counted automatically.

  • Management reporting. ADS Produces standard management reports showing deltas between current and previous declarations, analysis of costs and savings as well as customer specific reports to ensure complete transparency from our service.

  • Technology over Consultancy.

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