What is it?

Arkivy is a SaaS archiving solution designed specifically for the record-keeping requirements of MiFID II. It is a Front to Back information system that manages all the operations of record-keeping.

As a centralized compliance archive, Arkivy provides your organization compliant storage with the proper monitoring, oversight and information governance tools that will help ensure your compliance with MiFID II record-keeping.

Who is intended for?

Arkivy provides a record-keeping solution for any entity that conducts financial transactions within the EU:

  • Broker Dealers/Brokerages
  • Investment Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Insurance (if they trade securities on own account)
  • Investment Advisers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Mangement firms

What requirements does it cover?

Arkivy provides:

  • A quick implementation of a strategic record-keeping programme in a reliable, scalable and cost-effective way.
  • Full compliance with MiFID II record-keeping requirements, preventing substantial fines and optimizing the processes, knowledge and tools available for each profile involved in the activity.

What are the benefits?

Compliance benefits:

  • Prevention of content blackouts via collection and monitoring
  • Centralized store of permanent records
  • Rich data source for oversight, audit and regulatory reporting
  • Data enrichment allows search for new types of context
  • Stewardship information for focused investigations and GDPR records tracing

Operations benefits:

  • Reduction of multiple ad-hoc systems reducing ops complexity
  • Centralized store of business critical records
  • Institutional Memory: Persistent record-keeping details for all systems creating, archiving and retrieving data
  • Stewardship information to help data owners understand their application’s record-keeping state

Data governance benefits:

  • Complete inventory of business critical content that requires long term archival
  • Data lineage and stewardship information readily available for investigations
  • Data enrichment, extra context provides new search abilities
  • Centralized inventory is audit and forensics ready
  • E-discovery will be easier and less complex to conduct

Key functionalities

  • Advanced collection, filtering, monitoring, data enrichment, conversion and distribution

  • Regulatory, GAP & Audit reports for all content

  • Comprehensive record-sets for legal discovery

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